What is Kansai * BSD Users Group?

Kansai * BSD Users Group (K*BUG) is regional BSD Users Group at Kansai area in Japan. Kansai area has many cities including Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and so on.

Our web page is Japanese http://www.kbug.gr.jp/ .


Kansai area (c) OpenStreetMap contributors

Daemon-Mushi (でもんむし)

Deamon-Mushi (でもんむし) is a mascot character for K*BUG. It symbolize “* (asterisk)”. Inkscape SVG source file is at http://sacraya.610t.org/kbug/logo/ .



  • BSD: FreeBSD (PC-BSD), NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonlyBSD, (macOS?), (iOS??)...
  • arch: i386, amd64, arm (Raspberry Pi), macppc, landisk, zaurus, wzero3, hpcmips, netwalker, ipaq, fonera, vax, ...
  • kernel hack: kernel module, BLE, serial driver, ...
  • New technology: DTrace, ZFS, ...
  • Software package: FreeBSD ports, pkgsrc, ...
  • Security: pkg audit, maintainance my server,
  • Education: Scratch, Squeak, ...
  • Languages: Prolog, Lisp, awk, Squeak, Scratch, ...
  • Hardware: UPS, HDD, Server, Bluetooth, GPIO, ...
  • Physical Computing: Gainer (gainerm-lib), Arduino, ...
  • Electronic work: hacked USB audio servo controller, electric circuit with magazine, ...
  • misc: OpenCV, ContaoCMS, ...
  • Woodworking: K*BUG sign, daemon wood carving, ...
  • Drinking party after every meeting


We hold meeting every 2 monthes. Meeting schedule is Japanese http://www.kbug.gr.jp/workshops.html .

We use these meeting rooms:

Event activities

We open booth at these events:

AsiaBSDCon 2017

_images/AsiaBSDCon2017-demo.jpg _images/pcbsd-demo.png _images/giftbox-distcc.png _images/AsiaBSDCon2017-network.jpg
  • RetroBSD GPIO/ADC demo, LiteBSD GPIO demo
  • Giftbox distcc compile cluster
  • Scartch x Android, ESP8266, micro:bit
  • Squeak+Gainer
  • Coldfire x OpenGL

Kansai * BSD Users Group 2017/2/11 meeting

_images/RetroBSD.png _images/LiteBSD.png _images/RaspberryPiZero.png
  • RetroBSD: 2.11BSD on MIPS(PIC32MX). The board name is Pinguino-RetroBSD.
  • LiteBSD: 4.4BSDLite on MIPS(PIC32MZ). The board name is Chipkit WiFire. Serial Console is Pocket C.H.I.P.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero


Open Source Conference (OSC) 2017 Osaka

JNUG Seminar

K*BUG 2016/12/10 meeting

KOF 2016


K*BUG 2016/10/22 meeting


K*BUG 2016/8/20 meeting


OSC2016 Kyoto

_images/OSC2016KyotoPiZero.png _images/OSC2016KyotoBox.png _images/OSC2016KyotoRetroLiteBSD.png _images/OSC2016KyotoGPIO.png _images/RogueOne.png _images/OSC2016KyotoMeshi.png
  • LiteBSD at chipKIT Wi-FIRE 4.4BSD PIC32MZ
  • RetroBSD at PIC32-RetroBSD 2.11BSD PIC32MX
  • Gift box cluster 2
    • FreeBSD at Raspberry Pi B FreeBSD LCD loadavg via GPIO
    • NetBSD at Banana Pi
    • RaspBSD at BeagleBone Black FreeBSD11 LED loadavg, USB Ether+USB Serial via power port
    • NetBSD at Raspberry Pi 2B LanAP distcc
    • NetBSD at Raspberry Pi Zero LED loadavg meter via GPIO

K*BUG 2016/6/18 meeting


K*BUG 2016/4/23 meeting


K*BUG 2016/2/20 meeting


K*BUG 2016/1/23 meeting


K*BUG 2015/10/24 meeting


  • Report of Kyoto Brewing Co tasting space Japanese : https://kyotobrewing.com/
  • Install FreeBSD at VirtualBox
  • Demo of Apple Configurator 2

K*BUG 2015/8/22 meeting


  • About CIM technology research group
  • Can’t connect to WiFi, because of assign different IP address
  • Replace a university server
  • I said “Help me, ENOKI-san”
  • Nowadays ZFS (with demo)
  • https://letsencrypt.org/

OSC2015 Kansai@Kyoto

_images/MZTX-PI-EXT.jpg _images/distcc-rpi-mini.png _images/OSC2015KyotoGirl.png _images/OSC2015KyotoMeshi.png
  • Gift box cluster 1: distcc distributed compile cluster
    • NetBSD Raspberry Pi B+, 2B, Netwalker

JNUG Seminar

K*BUG 2015/6/27 meeting


  • Bluetooth LE
  • pkgsrc
  • linux Bluetooth LE
  • Raidframe and broken disk. Cant boot correctly.
  • Gdev: Open source GPGPU Runtime and Driver Software
  • Can’t use Dell 4K display with FreeBSD

K*BUG 2015/5/16 meeting


  • Nowaday sh

K*BUG 2015/3/7 meeting


  • blink1
  • Raspberry PI GPIO on FreeBSD
  • Nowaday HTTP/2
  • Light talk about iPad

K*BUG 2015/1/24 meeting


  • BSD-lization at a National College of Technology.
  • SmartDoc
  • Dake
  • ZBSDocs (on SourceForge)
  • Backup using dump(8)

KOF 2014

K*BUG 2014/8/23 meeting


  • Upgrade FreeBSD 8.0 with freebsd-update(8) at wide cloud
  • Start enjoying with Bluetooth LE
  • Introduce tcpcrypt

OSC2014 Kansai@Kyoto

_images/OSC2014KyotoNakamura.png _images/OSC2014KyotoMeshi1.png _images/OSC2014KyotoMeshi2.png

OSC2013 Kansai@Kyoto

_images/OSC2013KyotoAudio.png _images/OSC2013KyotoRetroBSD.png _images/OSC2013KyotoBoard.png _images/OSC2013KyotoMeshi1.png _images/OSC2013KyotoMeshi3.png _images/OSC2013KyotoMeshi4.png

JNUG Seminar

Event @ Nara National College of Technology(NNCT) 13rd

_images/Event@NNCT13-mutoh.png _images/Event@NNCT13-board.png _images/Event@NNCT13-book.png _images/Event@NNCT13-flyer.png _images/Event@NNCT13-presen.png _images/Event@NNCT13-tonmasa.png

KOF 2012

_images/KOF2012Penguin.png _images/KOF2012Arduino.png _images/KOF2012Zaurus.png _images/KOF2012Family.png _images/KOF2012POV.png _images/KOF2012Meshi1.png _images/KOF2012Meshi2.png _images/KOF2012Meshi3.png _images/KOF2012Meshi4.png
  • More Lights!! Spotlight daemon with OpenBSD/i386 x Gainer
  • Squeak+Gainer Drive a Car!!
  • Coldfire with 3 axis accelerometer board x OpenBSD/zaurus
  • K*BUG POV using Arduino compatible board named Japanino http://otonanokagaku.net/japanino/

OSC2012 Kansai@Kyoto

_images/OSC2012KyotoBoothView.png _images/OSC2012KyotoZaurus.png _images/OSC2012KyotoMyRoom.png _images/OSC2012KyotoKBUG.jpg _images/OSC2012KyotoRetroBSD.jpg _images/OSC2012KyotoBoothBack.png _images/OSC2012KyotoMeshi1-1.png _images/OSC2012KyotoMeshi3.png
  • RetroBSD, 2.11BSD on PIC32
  • USL-5P
  • High density zaurus rack.
  • More Lights!! Spotlight daemon with NetBSD/hpcmips (WS007SH) x Gainer

Event @ NNCT 12nd

_images/Event@NNCT-all.png _images/Event@NNCT-dreamcast.png _images/Event@NNCT-sharp.png _images/Event@NNCT-MobileGear.png _images/Event@NNCT-PenCentra.png _images/Event@NNCT-Fonera.png

KOF 2011

_images/KOF2011USL-5P.JPG _images/KOF2011Network.png _images/KOF2011Booth.JPG

OSC2011 Kansai@Kyoto

_images/OSC2011KyotoBuild.png _images/OSC2011KyotoVM.png _images/OSC2011KyotoOpenBSD.png _images/OSC2011KyotoJoyStick.png _images/OSC2011KyotoDesktop.png _images/OSC2011KyotoGion1.png
  • OpenBSD/landisk USL-5P
  • {Net, Free, Open, DragonFly}BSD at NetBSD/xen
  • Visualization NetBSD and FreeBSD build process.
  • Squeak+Gainer Drive a Car!! with FreeBSD.
  • More Light!! swing daemon based on Arduino.

OSC2010 Kansai@Kyoto


  • Fastest script for installing FreeBSD.
  • Try installation NetBSD/bebox, but fail...

OSC2010 Kansai@Kobe

JNUG Seminar

KOF 2009

  • NetBSD/mac68k on LC475Upgrade

OSC2009 Kansai@Kyoto


  • LED CPU meter
  • BSD daemon statue gadgets
  • USL-5P+USB LCD(landisk)

Nico-Tech: Kyoto Meeting (NK:M)

_images/NKM2009Booth.png _images/NKM2009Scratch.png _images/NKM2009Make.png
  • Squeak-ja meets K*BUG
  • On FreeBSD
    • Squeak+Gainer Drive a Car!!
    • Scartch + PicoBoard
    • Servo motor daemon’s tail drive by USB audio device
  • WorldStethoscope Japanese: http://swikis.ddo.jp/WorldStethoscope/6
  • Squeak on Pocket Post Pet (Windows CE)

KOF 2008

_images/KOF2008daemon.png _images/KOF2008USL-5P.png _images/KOF2008Backyard.png _images/KOF2008Ishihara.png _images/KOF2008Meshi1.png _images/KOF2008Meshi2.png

OSC2008 Kansai@Kyoto

_images/OSC2008KyotoIshihara.png _images/OSC2008KyotoBag.png _images/OSC2008KyotoAlpha.png _images/OSC2008KyotoMiku.png _images/OSC2008KyotoMutoh.png _images/OSC2008KyotoMen.png _images/OSC2008KyotoFlyer.png _images/OSC2008KyotoKonomi.png _images/OSC2008KyotoYakiRamen.png _images/OSC2008KyotoCheese.png
  • BSD for various machines: sgi O2, BeBox(not work), Zaurus, ML115, Fonera, NetBSD/hpcmips, hpcsh, evbmips, alpha (digital Alpha Multia)
  • Miku Hatsune paper doll with Six servo moters controlled by USB audio
  • Devices: USB one-seg tuner, UHID based themal sensor USB-RH https://strawberry-linux.com/catalog/items?code=52002

KOF 2007

_images/KOF2007Booth.png _images/KOF2007Board.png _images/KOF2007Wasabi.png

Event @ NNCT 11st

_images/Event@NNCT11-OLPC.png _images/Event@NNCT11-GRUB.png _images/Event@NNCT11-RoboCup.png _images/Event@NNCT11-cherry.png _images/Event@NNCT11-meshi1.png _images/Event@NNCT11-meshi2.png

KOF 2006

_images/KOF2006Booth.png _images/KOF2006Book.png _images/KOF2006Presen.png

Event @ NNCT 3rd


  • Report: xcast6 online meeting
  • Postfix
  • One chip microcomputer AVR
  • Recovery 48 computers using PXEBOOT in 30 minutes
  • Document using SmartDoc
  • About DocBook/SGML

Event @ NNCT 1st

_images/Event@NNCT1-media.png _images/Event@NNCT1-working.png _images/Event@NNCT1-poster.png _images/Event@NNCT1-machines.jpg _images/QRcodePDF.png _images/QRcodePDF-print.png _images/QRcodeWWW.png _images/QRcodeGithub.png
2017/2/25 Photobook edition
2017/3/11 AsiaBSDCon 2017 edition